Interior Design Trends For 2021

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Interior Designing is your passion and you must always keep your eye out for inspiration.

With each new year comes a variety of design trends to mix into your signature repertoire. Trends don’t work for every home as spaces must be personalized to the individual client but knowing what’s trending ensures you remain competitive.

Whether it’s a sculptural lamp, colorful lampshade, or head-turning hanging pendant—interior home lighting has become an artful part of home interiors. While function must be the top priority, lighting is now expected to be part of the decor.

Mixing Unexpected Styles

Mixing design styles is nothing new but there are a few new mixtures to consider. Modern rustic interior remains strong and is now being joined by rustic vogue and contemporary country. These trends are exciting because a home that naturally leans toward rustic or country can easily be elevated and stylized beyond the obvious interior design themes. 

The trend in creating livable outdoor spaces is nothing new but since we’ve been social distancing our outdoor spaces are more important than ever. Instead of decorating “outdoor” and “indoor” spaces as separate living spaces, aim for a smooth transition from inside to outside.

Luxury decor doesn’t work for every room in every home, especially with kids and pets, so consider creating a solo luxury space. This could be a lux master bath, bedroom, den, library, home office, or meditation room. The space should feel like a getaway or escape, which is of increasing importance while social distancing.

Lamp Alternatives

Lamps continue to have their time and place, but they are no longer your only option when you need to add targeted home lighting. Now you can choose from a variety of artful wall sconce lighting and small hanging lights to illuminate artwork, provide reading light, free up space on your desk, and use as nightstand-free illumination.

Not only can you ditch bedside lamps, but you can add statement light fixtures in the bedroom. As a whole, bedrooms are becoming increasingly minimalist so adding a chandelier or decorative wooden pendant light to the ceiling becomes a focal point in a room with minimal effort.

With decorative lighting drawing eyes upward, ceilings have never been more important. From white paint with a high-gloss finish to adding faux or functional architectural elements, or painting or covering in a color or pattern that matches or contrasts with the rest of the room.

 Interior Design Trends 2021


Sertao Shop’s modern rustic home lighting can help you integrate a variety of these trends into the homes you design. Check back soon for more interior designing trends, tips, and tricks!



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