A Take On Modern Rustic Interior with Wood Pendant Lighting

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There is a growing trend in bringing natural elements into our homes in ways that are modern and designed to blend in with a variety of design aesthetics. One such way is by choosing wooden pendant lighting opposed to traditional glass light fixtures. Here are just a few reasons why this modern rustic look works. While modern and rustic may sound like polar opposites on the design spectrum blending the two styles can be complementary. From a modern home with rustic accents to rustic chic, and everything in between. Ultimately the choice is yours as it’s about making your house your own. Rustic meaning many things. Including raw, natural, textured, and aged but polished. Wood is a sustainable material that can be left stained or painted. The natural texture and color of wood is the perfect neutral for your home and with strategic placement can be worked into any design. Sertao Shop has a great love for modern rustic interior design providing you with unique items to make your house a home.

Designing Your Home from Floor to Ceiling

Standard recessed lighting and glass fixtures are more function than décor. With the exception of dining room chandeliers, ceiling lights often go unnoticed. With more attention being paid to the paint color, texture, finishing details, and decorative covering on the ceilings in modern homes—standard light fixtures are too boring and bland. Or maybe you stick with a classic white ceiling but work a decorative light fixture into every room. With a variety of designs to choose from you can find Modern Wood Pendant Lighting that complements your interior design.

Think Beyond Your Kitchen

Most hanging light fixtures are found in the kitchen but it’s time to have a bit more fun with the lighting throughout your house. Not to worry as we have pendant lights that don’t hang super low, so you won’t have to duck to walk underneath. Consider adding a pendant to your entryway, above your kitchen island, in the center of your living room, to highlight your artwork, or in any other place where you require a ceiling light. Install to a dimmer switch so you can choose from either bright light or tranquil mood lighting. Consider playing with colored or retro light bulbs for even more fun.

It’s nice to have a room or two that doesn’t match the design theme of the rest of your home. This is often a room designed with one family member in mind or a specific purpose. Maybe a rustic den, cozy library, meditation oasis, guest room, home office, or any themed room that calls for a few wooden or natural accents. Themed rooms can’t easily be furnished and accessorized with trending items, so you are likely to head Sertao Shop to find such unique pieces that speak to you. Sertao Shop is happy to provide you with plenty of options for your modern rustic needs.

If you have a semi-enclosed sunroom, patio, or kitchen or a home with glass walls that open up you need lighting that complements the outdoor elements. Modern wood pendant lighting is an excellent option for these mixed-use spaces as they are stylish enough when the room is closed off but natural enough to feel like you are still part of nature when the room is open. However, our pendant lighting is not designed for fully outdoor living spaces. They are not weatherproofed, and the electrical mechanisms are not meant for outdoor or element friendly.

—More about function than beauty

Decorating offices, building lobbies and commercial spaces is often more about function than beauty—but there is a growing trend in creating contemporary, comfortable and cool spaces. By prioritizing design, companies can boost productivity and innovation and create spaces that are warm and inviting. Yes, the furniture will need to be durable, but you can create a personality for your space with the right design accents. If you have a nature-inspired lobby, break room, executive office, or group meeting space—consider adding a series of modern wood pendant lights. They are also perfect as the central light in smaller offices, as the row of lights above a conference table, as the lighting used to accent art, and to highlight green living walls.

Not Sure What Your Design Style Is?

Some of us have a very clear vision of our preferred design aesthetic, but many of us shop for what we love—purchasing items that speak to us one by one and find a way to incorporate them in our home. This might result in an eclectic home with a mix of modern, vintage, and multiple design styles. Or you could end up with an interior design theme that is consistent, but that you don’t necessarily care to label. There is no right or wrong as long as it works for you.

Whether you are decorating your first apartment or home, reworking your current interior design, or creating a modern and cool work environment—a natural element or two is a must. For this reason we invite you to browse our unique Modern Wood Pendant Lighting today. Also, be sure to check back soon as we are always adding new Modern Rustic home accessories to our collection! 

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