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Wood Drum Pendant Light It’s difficult to imagine our lives without light, but the invention of lighting was revolutionary. Lighting played a functional role in homes and businesses and lampshades were quickly invented to evenly dispense light. While also for function, lampshades quickly become an artful part of home interiors. From paper to fabric, glass and everything in between both stationary and hanging light fixtures had some type of light dispensing mechanism. The Drum Pendant Light shape was one inspired by the shape of the musical instrument they are named after. Hanging Drum Pendant Lighting fixtures certainly aren’t new in interior design but they continue to be reinvented in fresh and modern ways. We are partial to this Original Drum Pendant Light which is in a class of its own. It takes the timeless shape we know and love and transforms it into a head-turning talking point of any room it’s hanging in. 

Lighting As Art

Another growing trend is to place light as art in homes and businesses. In most cases, this means having both functional light and lighted art installations—but with this drum light you enjoy two in one. It’s gorgeous from every angle, boxy and modern from the sides, and curvaceous when you look directly underneath.The Original Drum Pendant Light is made from Oak and a great look. That’s right, a light fixture made from wood! This brings a touch of nature into the room making this fixture ideal for modern rustic interiors, but not limited to, as incorporating natural elements is a trend that won’t soon go out of style.

Although made from wood, opacity isn’t an issue as the design is a series of artfully arranged slats. The slats don’t just allow light to penetrate the shade, but they cast light in a decorative pattern. This pattern shifts and intensifies by the time of day and can be adjusted as you like because this ceiling fixture is dimmer switch compatible. 

Centering Is Not Necessary

We are always excited when one of our enthusiastic customers shares images of how they place their new drum pendant light in their home or business. While centering it over a dining room table or in the center of a room is a top pick, feel free to think outside the box to create both artful and personalized lighting solutions. In larger spaces some of our clients hang multiple lights in a circle or straight line, sometimes at varying cord lengths.

Not to worry if this drum light isn’t quite the style you are looking for as Serato Shop has a variety of light fixtures and design aesthetics to choose from.

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