A Modern Rustic Wall Sconce Light With Endless Options

A Modern Rustic Wall Sconce Light With Endless Options


One of the exciting things about interior design is finding ways to personalize each room for style, function, or a bit of both. Serato Shop’s elegant wood wall sconce is ideal for personalizing modern rustic interiors. If not modern rustic, they bring a touch of nature to minimalistic and eclectic homes and businesses.

Targeted Lighting

Most rooms have a light fixture in the center of the ceiling meaning you need to add lighting to targeted areas of your rooms—but don’t feel limited to lamps. Lamps are great but you may not want to take up space on your end table or office desk. Or maybe you want an eye-level reading light next to your reading recliner or chaise lounge. Instead of finding a lamp, considered our Wall Sconce Light. Sometimes one is enough, or you could add two vertically, side by side, or on each side of your chair or desk.

A Decorative Nightlight

Our sconces are made to be hardwired and have a 2 watt, 12 volt LED light strip. While this is bright enough for targeted light when placed strategically—it is also a low enough light to use as a decorative nightlight. Place a sconce or two to illuminate your hallways when the sun goes down, to create ambiance in your restaurants, or any time you want to set a romantic mood. It’s even bright enough to use as a bedside night light, to keep on all night or turn off when you are ready to snooze.

Illuminate Art

Some art is so special that it deserves its own lighting. While you can find mini-fixtures designed specifically for artwork, most art lights won’t blend in well with your modern rustic interior—or look a little too sterile for your desired design aesthetic. This is another way to utilize our wooden sconces. Our sconces come in 2 sizes and are available in black or light, medium, or dark wood, so you are sure to find an option that complements your home or office interior. Hang them high to shine down on wall art, as a decorative bookend of sorts, or in a pattern to create a signature rustic design.

Fireplace Lighting

When you have a fire burning bright it casts a lovely glow in your room, and provides a natural low light—but what about when your fire isn’t burning? Light up your fireplace anytime you like by adding a wooden sconce or two above your mantle. Work your sconces into your décor by centering them, hanging them on each side of your mantel mirror, or placing a small row of 3 to 5 to create a rustic focal point. The grain shows beautifully on each sconce so it’s the perfect way to add a touch of nature in a way that is modern and fresh.

While we like to provide you with a few design and placement ideas we are sure you will come up with several more ideas on your own. Check back soon as we are always adding decorative new rustic lighting options!

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